Gifted with the ability to make any situation a laughing matter, Rip Micheals is a natural. Determined to pursue his comedic dreams, he traveled to New York after graduating college and lived on the streets prior to his swift rise to stardom. He pokes fun at everything from his first television appearance to fatherhood. Prepare to laugh out loud, nothing is off limits for Rip.How long have you been performing? I’ve been doing comedy for about twelve years now. My first television appearance was on a show with Christina Milian called Wannabes. Believe it or not I was playing Ja Rule—that is how skinny I was! True story, no joke. The show required the impersonation of a recording artist. The contestant that embodied the artist the best got to “be” the artist and was ultimately given an opportunity to make a music video.Do you write your own material? Where do you find inspiration for writing jokes? Yes! I write my own material, and I write for other comedians as well. A lot of my material comes from my life. I’m a single dad– I know I joke about child support a lot because my baby’s mom is in arrears. Which is funny to me. She owes me money, I plan to violate her and take her license. She hasn’t paid. I have written for many different people: Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer and Brandon T.Jackson. I even wrote for Johnny Depp on the Don Rickles roast. I would say that a lot of my inspiration comes from interacting with my daughter, while my sense of humor comes from my Mom. Observational things—everything that I see in life inspires my writing. I am an in your face comedian, a real live personality. I am very quick-witted so I’m always at the ready for whatever is popping. My publicist has labeled me the prankster of Wild N Out. Oh she may be listening, did I throw her  under the bus?Have you ever been  heckled onstage? How do you handle it? In the very beginning of my career I was heckled onstage by Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana. I was performing at a club in New York called Jimmy’s Uptown. All the members of of Dipset were there. This was when they were rocking pink like they were Mary Kay salesmen. I didn’t even know men could sell MaryKay, it was weird to me to begin with. As they sat in their pink section they heckled me. Needless to say I turned it around and the joke was on them—which probably was not the best idea lol. Another instance was when I performed at a Jamaican club in Brooklyn called Squads. Jamaican artists Serani and Mavado were heckling me, so I called Serani out about his record No Game. I threw glitter on him and followed it up by snapping on him saying that’s not Reggae music, men don’t cry in songs. Mavado laughed so hard, the entire audience lost it. I didn’t get in a fight, just because they thought he was super soft.What has been your most memorable experience as a comedian to date? There are quite a few! One thing that stood out the most in my career as a monumental moment would definitely be my first episode of Wild N Out. I threw powder all over Timothy DelaGhetto. I am West Indian and Spanish. I heard Tim rehearsing –talking trash about West Indians. I made the choice to go with it no matter the outcome. The moment that I did it, I felt like I lost my job. The crowd laughed so hard, it changed the pace of the show. From then on they started incorporating slapstick into the show, which is a valid form of humor. That was my proudest moment: to be able to take something that has been on for years and add my spice to it was something they had never done before. Nick Cannon told me it was the funniest thing on Wild N Out in history.You have several projects involving production underway, is there anything you can share about what you are working on currently? I have a couple of different projects underway. One is called Off the Rip…it’s a great sketch comedy show. There is a mixture of internet and reality stars, actors and musicians. *We push the envelope a lot on that show. Some of the biggest stars in the industry are on the show. Mack Wilds, Cardi B and Fetty Wap have all been on the show. Imagine In Living Color or Saturday Night live turned up to the fullest capacity. Believe it or not, I have a food show coming soon. It is reminiscent of Diners Drive ins and Dives; of course this is the black version. I visit neighborhoods and celebrities to showcase their favorite eateries. For instance, I visit Los Angeles and The Game shows us all the places he loves to eat. We visit all over the country. Don’t forget to look for my thirty minute special coming in June. Kevin Hart presents Rip Micheals. We are currently in season nine production of Wild N Out; be sure to watch me. Oh! I almost forgot, my very own show MSG’s Cheapin’ it Real! I am at all of the Rangers and Knicks games. We do it for the fans post game. Win or lose, it’s a party. I have a lot of creative control, so it’s a dope experience.– Trisha Vaughn
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